NoBudge – On Showbiz

“On Showbiz,” directed by Ryan McGlade, is a comedic glimpse at two unlikely acquaintances and their stylistic differences — one, Jeremy, a contemplative poet, the other, Murray, a showbiz veteran who’s always on, clock always ticking to the next punchline. When they meet up to talk shop (no explanation of their relationship or backstory is given, ha), we watch as Murray confronts Jeremy about his lack of pep, and strange ideas about what makes art. For instance, Jeremy wants to start a talk show using a wall of trashed fire extinguishers as his backdrop, and Murray could not be more confused. Simultaneously a goof on showbiz personalities and somber introverts finding inspiration in decay and neglect, “On Showbiz,” keeps it simple and quotable, as in: “fire extinguishers, that’s your life?”’ – Kentucker Audley, NoBudge

366 Weird Movies: Saturday Short – Human Resources

“There isn’t a single moment of normalcy in this short. You may feel conflicted about finishing it, and then conflicted about watching it over and over again.” – Cameron Jorgensen, 366 Weird Movies

Bloody Disgusting – Human Resources

“Finally, we move into the workplace. A dead man sprawls in front of an office building. A woman moves past, dismissing the corpse as a ‘fucking bum.’ Inside lies more butchery, yet the woman is more concerned with the proper use of drink coasters than the carnage. Just this opening sequence could work as a short vignette; the casual selfishness and disregard for humanity is quite effective (my original note for the sequence simply says, ‘Shit, that’s cold!’). Yet, this ending is only the beginning. HUMAN RESOURCES from writer/director Ryan McGlade resets into a surreal world that takes a little from ‘Office Space’ and a little from ‘Heathers’, melding them with just a hint of Cronenberg to produce a trippy, disturbing allegory. A host of charming, quirky characters all strive, with varying degrees of success, to ignore their own flaws and insecurities. The core story revolves around insights from the mysterious Ivan Greene. Greene might be a savior, he might be a con man, and he might be in prison for embezzlement (‘embezzlement’ is pronounced ‘entrepreneurship’), but his words and philosophies influence and inform the actions of almost all of the cast of colorful characters. Human Resources successfully straddles that fine line where one can combine laugh-out-loud funny gags with cold cruelty.” – Michael Miller, Bloody Disgusting